Client questionnaire

Questions we commonly ask new clients to discover opportunities for providing strategic design services.

  • Who is currently responsible for leading these areas: customer experience, service design, user experience design?
  • Who were the last three people you hired with design or innovation skills? (Using ‘design’ and ‘innovation’ loosely – any kind of talent related to these areas.)
  • What are your biggest pain points regarding end-to-end customer or user experience? (Think about common complaints in feedback from customers, or internal pain points from product management or technology staff.)
  • What technological products and services power your business that could benefit from an improved user experience?
  • How do you engage end-users or customers in co-designing the experience they have with your services?
  • Do you have a roadmap or a set of goals for improving your total service experience?
  • Do you have a maturity model and governance plan for experience design?
  • Do you have a set of blueprints or visualizations of your end-to-end customer experience and your surface-to-core processes and technologies for service design?
  • Describe how you practice ‘design thinking’ for innovation or problem-space exploration.
  • How are design initiatives prioritized, measured, and reported?
  • Are design practitioners empowered and involved in planning and decision-making for digital technology investment?
  • Do you have dedicated experience designer staff, or do product managers / engineers do double-duty as designers?